Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Some people hate birthdays. We like to think we have all the time in the world to do what we want but then a birthday comes along and it is so sobering that you feel mournful. 50 for me was like that. I did not see it coming.
I was so upset that I was that old and that I had accomplished nothing of value up to this point that it was like going to a firing squad. Now
I know why 50 is worse than 40 or 60.
You are not resigned yet. Once you are over it, it doesn't matter. You are used to being older and you come to grips with it but on your birthday night you might be in a tailspin over turning 50.
I have some tips for you to not be in total pain.
Surround yourself with others who are sympathic to your plight.
Talk about it. Face it and make a plan for part 2 of your life.

Do not approach 50 without at least 5 good and amazing plans for what you will do next.
Do not look back over the past. Nothing in the past matters. If you are a total failure then at 50 you can start again with a new plan and carry it out to not be a failure now.
If you were highly successful at what you wanted to do with your life then also push that aside and focus on the future.
There are five great things about getting older
You are less self conscious or really dont care what someone else thinks. Good use that to not be afraid.
You should have less responsibility at home so you can be freer to launch out and try new things.
You have extremely valuable knowledge that you gained along the way that now is ammunition to making the second part of your life much better than the first.
Your body is not in to bad of shape for planning new adventures yet. so that is good.
and finally you are more important to everyone else when you are older.
More people are linked to you so you have a broader base to live from.
think about this from one who has been there.

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